Hannah, 4
Hannah started Our Monkey Club on March 2013; she had so much fun and made some lovely friends not just with other children but the staff at monkey club too. Hannah has always enjoyed socialising and fitted into monkey club well as she enjoyed that she could be with her peers and children younger or older than her, my husband and I also liked this idea of the children being able to mix with all age groups there as we felt this reflected everyday life more. The staff at our monkey club are always so friendly and updated us every day what Hannah had been up to that day as well as having the online system that was constantly updated with photos too. Her key worker Sophie helped prepare her for starting school which was a big help. Hannah loves it when we visit our monkey club and talks about her time there. Her favourite parts were the dressing up & shop corner; she also enjoyed the colouring and crafting area and when the children got to watch the chrysalis grow into butterflies.

Joseph, 3
Joseph joined Our Monkey Club when he was two years old. He was a very quiet little boy who was just finding his feet. When he first started he came with his older sister Hannah and we liked the idea they were not split into separate rooms and could play and interact with each other like they do at home. He quickly made a good friendship with his key worker, she spent lots of time with him and finding things that interest him, We are really happy with the time that is spent with Joseph helping him find his own personality. When his big sister moved to go to primary school we were worried that Joseph would be lost without her, but he has just continued to grow and play at his own pace. He always talks about all the fun he has had at monkey club, Joseph enjoys messy play and all the role play he gets to do and has been on a few trips out with our monkey club and cannot wait to tell us about them when he gets home