Our centre offers our children of school age, two rooms for their own use that have been designed to enable our children to access a more 'grown up' play space.  We have an art area, computers, more complex construction toys, board games with 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and some chill out spaces to chat with friends.  This space is so that our children can move away from the young children if they wish and is also a space they can be directed to if their behaviour or actions are not approrpriate with the mixed age ranges in the main centre.

The children can plan activities and opportunities within the play space that will meet their different play needs such as extended projects, small mechanical pieces or large scale constructions that may be damaged or interupted by a younger child.  Often the children engage in group activities such as dancing with the Wii, board games or challenges such as the 'looking after the egg' game.  Our older children can still access the rest of the centre, but this does allow them time to themselves too.

Main room Construction toys