We have to be honest.  We are not easy to work for and this is not a ‘job’.  There are many ‘jobs’ that you work and go through the motions between your allocated hours, go home and leave it behind.  This is not that type of ‘job’.

This is the opportunity for a career in a sector drive by passion and nothing less than the best is good enough for our children.  This is a life choice and one that can be rewarding, motivating, stimulating and challenging but one that can be frustrating, maddening, draining and heart wrenching. 

It has to be worth it to you.  Only you can decide that but if you want it then we will do everything in our power to make you as successful as you wish to be in attaining your goals.

Many traits are needed to work at OMC but none as important as a morbid fear of boredom!