What is Baby’s Days?

  • Baby's Days is a complex yet simple to manage online software system for childcare settings and parents, the system has been designed and developed to assist childcare settings with the forms and paperwork involved around all areas of the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage, which includes the structure of Learning, Development and Care.
  • Baby’s Days was designed and developed over a one year period with help from numerous Early Year Practitioners and experts and is the most advanced online software system of its type and ensures that your childcare setting meets the required areas of the EYFS quickly, simply and efficiently.
  • Baby’s Days is the only system available that allows you as a parent to connect to the system to view information relating to your child, for example you can connect to the system and view your child’s daily diaries, photographs, their overall progress achievement and much more.
  • In addition for the childcare setting, communicating with you is a breeze, for example when they have created your child’s daily diary, you will be sent an e-mail informing you that it is available online for viewing, you can then connect to the system, view the diary and even leave notes on the system for your child’s carer to read.
  • Baby’s Days is the most secure online system of its type, unlike other systems available to the childcare industry, every Baby’s Days system is completely unique to each setting, when your childcare setting purchased their Baby’s Days system we configured them their own personal system located on our secure cloud servers based at our data centre in Manchester.

How do I use the system?

Download the Baby Days Parents Guide. Download

Once you have enrolled you will receive your personal login details which will be emailed to you by your childcare setting and you will receive the URL.  You will need to login to and it will take you into the system.