The Playwork Principles

At OMC we are guided by the Playwork Principles in all our time with our older children. 

List of the Playwork Principles


Therefore, we plan for our Out of School Club to be a fun, exciting, relaxing and safe space to be themselves.

Our children come from many different schools and range from 4 to 16 years old and bring their many interests, ideas and passions to the centre.  Children from 11 that have finished primary school can use the Senior room at Church Gresley.

Our snack table is always open for children to access their snack as they are ready and the fruit bowl and drinks are available as often as they wish.

At Church Gresley, all of our children have a separate room that they can access more challenging activities and resources.  They can also use the playground,  the snack room, the art room, construction room, role play room, library and huge sports hall.  At Donisthorpe the centre only opens for our older children before and after school and holidays are spent at Church Gresley.

Within the rooms we have craft activities available for children exercise their creativity and imagination and often visit the Play and Recycle Store in Derby to access unusual and provoking resources.

Our role play area is often accessed by our older children as they make their own plays, explore stories or create music and dance.  The children are supported to produce videos or performances to share their ideas if they wish.

The children often access the ICT equipment and we have Kindles, tablets, laptops and various game consoles for everyone to use.  This is often a social activity and children often share their creations on Minecraft or play together on multiplayer games such as Wii fit.  During the evening we have homework support to enable children to use the facilities and resources we have in the centre to produce projects or complete research if they wish to.  The support is also available to listen to reading, practice spellings and maths and learn lines.  However, while this is offered, we are a play based setting and understand the value of play to develop creative, confident and competent learners and this is always our priority (See The Playwork Principles).

We have 2 rabbits called Nala and Simba, 2 Guinea pigs called Chunk and Bolt and two gerbils called Vanilla and Oreo at Church Gresley and our older children often help with cleaning them out, taking care of them and creating runs for them to play in.  We even have our chickens who are called King, Heidi and Jemima.  At Donisthorpe we have our fish called Bubbles and our two guinea pigs.  The children seem to love spending time with our pets and take great care in making them part of Our Monkey Club.

We also have lots of practitioners to support the children with any activity they wish to do and often can be found playing board games, running around in team games, creating marble run or writing stories.  Their job is to listen and support the children in their play and to make sure that the children have as much fun as possible in the time they are with us.

We also offer school transportation at both the beginning and end of the school day to many local schools.  Only permanent, qualified and experienced practitioners who the children know well provide the transportation.  This means our children are supported by people they trust during their time with us.  It also means the fun starts the minute school is out!



Our holiday club run from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday throughout all the school holidays at Church Gresley.  We try to make sure every child that comes to the centre has the best holiday they can and so we again plan with the child’s interests and passions at the heart of everything.

In the centre we have a range of activities such as arts and crafts, den making, cooking, group games, sports, board games, Wii challenges, puzzles and quizzes, treasure hunts, large scale construction and face painting.  We will adapt all of our opportunities to take into account the childrens interests and motivations - whatever your child enjoys, we will try to find a way to make sure they can spend their time sharing this with their friends.

Over the years, the children have been ice skating, horse riding, to the woods, cinema, bowling, pond dipping, forest ranger craft sessions, to London, Nottingham Castle , soft play and many, many parks.  We have also had BBQ days, put up tents, played football, learnt the recorder, created islands with papiermache, made pizzas and had PJ Days!!  While we keep ourselves really busy, there is also plenty of time to chill out, sit back and play games, listen to music, watch you tube an d just spend time with your friends.

Imagine having a whole holiday just playing and going on trips with your friends and having people around to help you with any activities you choose!!  We’ll hopefully help you have memories to last forever!